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Author: William A. Stein


I used RedHat Linux using GNU C++, Pari, NTL, LiDIA, and a matrix class library originally written by Luiz Figueiredo for his thesis work with Richard Taylor. I am now primarily using Magma. The algorithms in John Cremona's book, Algorithms for modular elliptic curves, and Loic Merel's article in SLNM 1585 were especially valuable.

I'd like to thank Matt Baker, Robert Coleman, Janos Csirik, Barry Mazur, Ken Ribet, Helena Verrill, and Joe Wetherell for inspiring discussions and feedback. I would especially like to thank Kevin Buzzard for providing valuable feedback and the original motivation for undertaking some of these computations, and Hendrik Lenstra whose facility with both algorithms and graduate students is amazing.

Allan Steele from the Magma group in Sydney taught me Magma.

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