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----------- UNIX TRASH CAN ----------
This is a trash can for unix.  The command "trash" functions in the same
way as the unix command rm, except that before it removes a file it copies
it to the directory $HOME/.trash.  

    1. Unpack the trash distribution: 
           tar -xvf TrashDist.tar

    2. Put the command files in your path:
           cd TrashDist
           cp trash* [a directory in your path]

    3. Create the trash can:
           mkdir $HOME/.trash   

    4. The trash can is now ready to be used. 

    trash [args]  - creates a date stamped directory [dir] in 
                    $HOME/.trash and first copies the files 
                    named in [args] to [dir] then deletes 
                    the files named in [args].
    trashlook     - lists the files in $HOME/.trash 
    trashempty    - deletes the files in $HOME/.trash 
    trashsize     - outputs the size of $HOME/.trash
    trashlookall  - lists all files in $HOME/.trash along with their sizes

    Perhaps trash should create the direct mkdir $HOME/.trash, but that
would add extra overhead everytime trash is run.  

    Bill Stein
    [email protected]
    May 6, 1997