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{\bf Math 54, Section 1: Differential equations and linear algebra.}
H.W. Lenstra, Jr. (office hours MF 3:15--4:15 p.m., 879 Evans, tel. 643-7857).
Spring 1996, MWF 2--3, 10 Evans.
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Prerequisites: 1A--B or equivalent. Textbooks:
H. Anton, {\sl Linear algebra\/} (seventh edition), John Wiley \& Sons, New
York, 1994;
W.$\,$E. Boyce \& R.$\,$C. DiPrima, {\sl Elementary differential equations
and boundary value problems}, John Wiley \& Sons, 1992.
The textbooks will be followed fairly closely.

Approximate course outline. The first five weeks are devoted to linear
algebra (Anton): Chapter 1 (weeks 1 \& 2), Chapter 2 (week 3), Chapter 4 and
Chapter 5, Sections 1 \& 2 (weeks 4 \& 5). This material is covered
by the first midterm, on Friday, February 16, 2--3 p.m. (rooms to be
announced). The second five weeks are also devoted to linear algebra (Anton):
Chapter 5, Sections 3--6 (weeks 6 \& 7), Chapter 6 (without Section 4)
(week 8), Chapter 7 (weeks 9 \& 10). This material is covered by the second
midterm, on Friday, March 22, 2--3 p.m. (rooms to be announced). The last
five weeks, after the Spring Recess, are devoted to differential equations
(Boyce \& DiPrima): Sections 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 7.4--7 (weeks 11--13), Chapter 10,
Sections 1--6 (weeks 14 \& 15). The final examination is on Friday, May 17,
5--8 p.m. (room to be announced). The final examination covers differential

Homework, consisting of about 10 problems, will be assigned every week on
Monday. It is due by Tuesday the following week. Due to the unavailability of
readers only one problem will be graded every week. Every Tuesday there is a
short quiz on two other problems from the homework assignment, or on slight
variations thereof.

Grading policy: 15\% homework, 25\% quizzes, 20\% first midterm, 20\% second
midterm, 20\% final examination. There will be no make-ups for a midterm
without a note of a doctor that you were indisposed.