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Errata for Swinnerton-Dyer's book

Errata for A Brief Guide to Algebraic Number Theory by H.P.F. Swinnerton-Dyer


This is for Math 129. If you find a mistake not on this list, send me an email.

  • Page 4, first line of Lemma 3: The inclusion should be k in K, not the other way around.
  • Page 15, Line -7: Jk should be replaced by Ck, since Jk is clearly infinite, since there are infinitely many primes. [Found by Jayce Getz.]
  • Page 19, statement of Corollary: The corollary should assume , since when , we do have d=1d=1.
  • Page 19: On p. 19, I think it should say D_r1,r2(1), not D_r1,r2(n), near the bottom. [Jayce]
  • Page 45: On pg 45, Line 5: In the subscript it should be K/kK/k. [Found by Francis Clarke]
  • Page 57: On pg 57, Line 14: β\Im\beta should be β\Re\beta (twice). [Found by Francis Clarke]