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Authors: harald, Testing CoCalc, Harald Schilly, Harald Schilly, HaraldTest SchillyTest, ℏal Snyder, William A. Stein
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
M = mandelbrot_plot(x_center=-.5) M
500x500px 24-bit RGB image
<class 'sage.repl.image.Image'>
M = mandelbrot_plot(x_center=-.5) M = external_ray([0,0.05,..1], image=M) fn = 'mandelbrot.png' salvus.file(fn)
J = julia_plot(c = 0.4 + 0.25j) fn = 'julia-fractal.png' salvus.file(fn)
File: /ext/sage/sage-8.1/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sage/repl/ Docstring : Creates a new image with the given mode and size. INPUT: * "mode" -- string. The mode to use for the new image. Valid options are: * "'1'" (1-bit pixels, black and white, stored with one pixel per byte) * "'L'" (8-bit pixels, black and white) * "'P'" (8-bit pixels, mapped to any other mode using a color palette) * "'RGB'" (3x8-bit pixels, true color) * "'RGBA'" (4x8-bit pixels, true color with transparency mask) * "'CMYK'" (4x8-bit pixels, color separation) * "'YCbCr'" (3x8-bit pixels, color video format) * "'LAB'" (3x8-bit pixels, the L*a*b color space) * "'HSV'" (3x8-bit pixels, Hue, Saturation, Value color space) * "'I'" (32-bit signed integer pixels) * "'F'" (32-bit floating point pixels) * "size" -- 2-tuple, containing (width, height) in pixels. * "color" -- string or tuple of numeric. What colour to use for the image. Default is black. If given, this should be a a tuple with one value per band. When creating RGB images, you can also use colour strings as supported by the ImageColor module. If the colour is None, the image is not initialised. OUTPUT: A new "Image" object. EXAMPLES: sage: from sage.repl.image import Image sage: Image('P', (16, 16), (13,)) 16x16px 8-bit Color image
from sage.repl.image import Image I = Image('P', (16, 16), (13,)) I
16x16px 8-bit Color image'sage-image.png')