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Author: Samuel Lelièvre
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Description: Compute spectral radius of a tree with SageMath

Compute the spectral radius of a tree with SageMath

Gordon reports an issue at

David opens a ticket at

Vincent fixes the issue. David reviews the fix. The fix is merged in Sage 8.4.beta4.

Since CoCalc has the latest development release of SageMath, let's test this!

We open a Jupyter notebook in CoCalc and select the "SageMath (development)" kernel for Jupyter from the Kernel menu.

In [1]:
'SageMath version 8.4.beta4, Release Date: 2018-09-06'
In [2]:
g = graphs.CompleteBipartiteGraph(1, 3)
In [3]:
(1.7320508075688772, 1.7320508075688772)

It works!