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Author: Tim Clemans SMC
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
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import requests import os import re import glob from os.path import basename html = requests.get('').text os.system('mkdir noaa_zips') files = re.findall('downloads/.*?\.zip', html) #print files for f in files: if not basename(f) in os.listdir('noaa_zips'): #print 'getting file' os.system('wget -O noaa_zips/%s' % (basename(f), f)) os.system('unzip noaa_zips/%s -d noaa_zips' % (basename(f))) os.system('rm noaa_zips/one_big_file.csv') # first file: files = glob.glob('noaa_zips/*.csv') lines = [] with open(files[0]) as f: lines ='\n').split('\n') # now the rest: for filepath in files[1:]: with open(filepath, 'r') as f: lines.extend('\n')[1:]) print len(lines) print len([l.strip() for l in lines if l.strip()]) with open("noaa_zips/one_big_file.csv", 'w') as f: s = '\n'.join([l.strip() for l in lines if l.strip()]).strip() import re s = s.replace('\n,', ',') f.write(s)
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