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Author: Harald Schilly
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)

Problematic Latex Parsing

This worksheet demonstrates problematic aspects of parsing html/markdown.

Dollar in Code

This is from a section explaining R code.


use `$`, e.g. `table(people$sex)`

ends up as

use $, e.g. table(people$sex)

Dollars in indented "code"

These $ should be ignored $.

This works, though

These `$` should be ignored `$`.

But without indentation, this text

And without indention: `$` and `$`.

ends up as

And without indention: $ and $.

Dollar in HTML / 1

The class=... attribute should be ignored, but instead the whole text in between the dollar signs vanishes.

<span class="style-$">This is odd

This is oddstyled

In [ ]: