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Author: Harald Schilly
import cantera as ct ct.__version__
import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Get all of the Species objects defined in the GRI 3.0 mechanism species = { S for S in ct.Species.listFromFile('gri30.cti')} # Create an IdealGas object with species representing complete combustion complete_species = [species[S] for S in ('CH4', 'O2', 'N2', 'CO2', 'H2O')] gas1 = ct.Solution(thermo='IdealGas', species=complete_species) phi = np.linspace(0.5, 2.0, 100) T_complete = np.zeros(phi.shape) for i in range(len(phi)): gas1.TP = 300, ct.one_atm gas1.set_equivalence_ratio(phi[i], 'CH4', 'O2:1, N2:3.76') gas1.equilibrate('HP') T_complete[i] = gas1.T
# Create an IdealGas object including incomplete combustion species gas2 = ct.Solution(thermo='IdealGas', species=species.values()) T_incomplete = np.zeros(phi.shape) for i in range(len(phi)): gas2.TP = 300, ct.one_atm gas2.set_equivalence_ratio(phi[i], 'CH4', 'O2:1, N2:3.76') gas2.equilibrate('HP') T_incomplete[i] = gas2.T
plt.plot(phi, T_complete, label='complete combustion', lw=2) plt.plot(phi, T_incomplete, label='incomplete combustion', lw=2) plt.grid(True) plt.xlabel('Equivalence ratio, $\phi$') plt.ylabel('Temperature [K]')
Text(0,0.5,'Temperature [K]')
assert all(T_complete > 1000)
assert T_complete.shape[0] > 10