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Sage Days 70 Schedule

Monday Morning - Evans Hall 891:

  • 9am-10am: "How to contribute to SageMathCloud", William Stein,

  • 10am-11am: "The Sage display system and how it is supposed to to provide rich output for different UI's without monkey-patching", Volker Braun

  • 11am-11:30am: "The PARI Jupyter kernel", Jeroen Demeyer

  • 11:30am-12pm: "Conversion of XML textbooks to a series of Jupyter notebooks", Rob Beezer

  • 12pm-2:15pm: lunch break

Monday Afternoon - Evans Hall 740

[EDIT: Moved to 3pm-ish in Evans 481]

  • 2:15pm-3pm: "Bqlot -- a graphics library Bloomberg recently open-sourced based on widgets", SylvainCorlay

We will then go to... Evans 481 to get organized.

Monday -- Evans Hall 481

  • 3pm-6pm: working sessions

Monday Evening - Evans Hall 740

Tuesday -- Evans Hall 481

  • 10am: "Jupyter Notebook development", Jason Grout

  • 11am: organization, then working sessions

  • 5:00pm: "The current state of (HPC-)GAP", or "What interesting computational maths are the St Andrians doing", Markus Pfeiffer

  • 5:45pm: status reports

  • 6:45pm: Berkeley faculty club dinner -- see the sign up sheet

Wednesday -- AT The HOUSE!

The HOUSE is at "705 Hillside Avenue; Albany, CA 94706"

Thursday -- Evans Hall 481

  • 10am: organization, then working sessions

  • 5pm: status reports

Friday - Evans Hall 481

  • 10am: organization, then working sessions

  • 3pm-5pm: Short talks/demos by everybody showing what they accomplished during SD70