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Authors: JC , J , Tim Abbott, Rob Beezer, Anirban Biswas, Volker Braun, Matthias Bussonnier, Tim Clemans SMC, Sylvain Corlay, Jeroen Demeyer, and 26 more authors...
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Jupyter Kernels

Follow-up on

  • Jupyter kernelspecs should default to install to python's sys.prefix.
  • There should be a convenience function in jupyter_client to construct the kernel spec path, which can be used in a package's, for example.
  • Figure out what works with Python wheels.
  • Document the work here in
  • Make the EchoKernel into a complete python package with a that installs the kernelspec, as an example.


  • Overview documentation page that guides a user to the appropriate repo docs.