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Author: Harald Schilly
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Compute Environment: Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
%auto %typeset_mode true
maxima('trigexpand(sin(u + v) * cos(u)^3);')
cos3u(cosusinv+sinucosv)\displaystyle \cos ^3u\,\left(\cos u\,\sin v+\sin u\,\cos v\right)
_ = var('x, y') f(x) = 2*sin(x) * y f.integrate(x)
x  2ycos(x)\displaystyle x \ {\mapsto}\ -2 \, y \cos\left(x\right)
# "m" points to a maxima-object m = maxima(2*x * sin(x*y)) m
2xsin(xy)\displaystyle 2\,{\it x}\,\sin \left({\it x}\, {\it y}\right)
2(sin(xy)xycos(xy))y2\displaystyle {{2\,\left(\sin \left({\it x}\,{\it y} \right)-{\it x}\,{\it y}\,\cos \left( {\it x}\,{\it y}\right)\right)}\over{ {\it y}^2}}