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New Projects and Problems
2.2/Philosophy 233/Book/Book.pdf
2.2/Math Research/RestrictedMuG.ipynb
Sample Files and Templates
2.2/Math Research/Final Paper/Final_Paper.pdf
Week 1/Lab 1 - Visualizing Data.ipynbJupyter notebook Week 1/Lab 1 - Visualizing Data.ipynb
Personal/POW/Spring 2019 #9/Pow #9.ipynb
Week 1/Lab 1 - Visualizing Data.htmlJupyter html version of Week 1/Lab 1 - Visualizing Data.ipynb
Week 1/hw1-turnin.ipynbJupyter notebook Week 1/hw1-turnin.ipynb
TA Sandbox/Hao's Sandbox/Lab04_slides/Lab04_slides.sagews
Fuzzy logic/Estimativa de efetivo - Eleições 2018Estimativa de efetivo para PMMT nas eleições de 2018
DistMeans.ipynbDistribution of means
2.2/Math Research/presentation/presentation.pdf
2.2/Physics 255/Homework #3/Homework #3.pdf
2.2/Math Research/Proofs/Proof.pdf